Saturday, 28 September 2013

Tickets are Booked

Hello everyone
Greetings from cyberspace. To update you all, I have struggled so much in wanting to write my blog. I started and stopped it about a dozen times. To be honest, it was very painful for me. I found myself dwelling on all the failures we have suffered through. So I decided to not blog until I had something to say. Then when I had something to say, I worried, well… what if I have to UNSAY it. Because I have had to UNSAY it before. And if you have had to tell people you are not pregnant, it is indeed difficult.
So I decided to write my blog about my experience in India, when we go and pick up our baby, because that’s right folks, we are indeed pregnant. A lovely woman in India is keeping our child safe and he or she is waiting for us… and bb we will be there soon!!
We loved this child from the moment it was conceived, we loved the idea of this child before even that. I invite you all to join us in our journey. We leave in 2 weeks for India.

On 2013-02-21, at 2:42, Neha Yadav <> wrote:
Dear Lynn, 


We would like to inform you that as per our schedule we have done a Beta HCG test for Soni.

We are happy to inform you that her beta value is 97.41.

Please find  attached file for the same.

We would like to congratulate you as you are pregnant now.

We will now do a USG scan for her within a week to check the pregnancy sacs.

Once her scan will be done, we will get back to you at the earliest.

SCI wishing you good luck for this beautiful journey ahead.

With Best Regards,
SCI Healthcare
A-28, Kailash Colony
New Delhi- 110048
Ph: 91 11 41034631
[Please do not send any financial information at  You can contact Dr. Vishal at & Mr. Gourav at ]



  1. Oh Congratulations!!!!!!!!

    I would love to hear more about your process leading to the positive test.

    I have had to un-tell people as well. I understand.

    I hope it goes swimmingly for you!

  2. Oh - also - when do you go over? Your title says the tickets are booked?

  3. Hi Jalara
    We are travelling October 10th. Can't wait :)