Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Road so far....

This story starts actually many years ago. A girl met a boy and well...

Ok that story will take too long to tell. But this story begins as as we receive an email confirming our confirmation in a adoption seminar in 2012. Are we truly ready to open up our home to strangers for a home visit; ready to pay $10, 000 and wait on a list with the hopes of someone 'choosing us' after waiting for 2 years to reach the top of this list?

Again we discussed surrogacy. Would it be possible financially? In our long travelled road of trying to have a family, I had mentioned travelling to India many times, as my husband's family is from Punjab.

So I look up surrogacy IVF India in Google, don't know what we would do without it these days, and found a medical tourism website. Who gave me the name of three clinics, and somewhere along the road of all this internet surfing, I found the amazing Kerri, a fellow Canadian who had raving reviews for the clinic Surrogacy Centre India (SCI) as well as a daughter, born in India.

She went out of her way for me, giving me her personal email, and managed to quell all my fears.
Her Blog is amazing, every tear she shed, every form she filled out and every untravelled road she had to take recorded. If it had not been for Kerri, I would have never had the courage to send that first email to the SCI clinic.

Here is is:

On 8 August 2012 14:13, lynn wrote:
I would like to get more information about possible egg donors, what information is available to me? Would a global egg donor be possible? Do they come to India to your clinic? 

This is the email that started our journey,  one that is soon going to be heading into it's next chapter.


  1. Hi Lynn, can't wait to read and follow the rest of your journey on your blog! Hopefully we will get to meet in Delhi as well, if our bub stays put long enough!

  2. Tell that bb to stay put.
    I will wait

  3. Lynn, welcome to the blog land!! I remember Kerri and her blog. She's such a sweet and wonderful person. You better hurry up and catch up to the present day before.... LOL

  4. Awe I just saw this post - obviously I am way behind and I know how the story ends LOL!
    Glad I was of some assitance along the way and you are now home and happy!