Thursday 12 December 2013

The waiting game  -  October 26, 2013                                                                                       
As much as I like India…. And I do really. I have to be honest though. This trip is not like a vacation. I feel quite isolated in our apartment. Mosquitoes and dengue fever are running rampant through Delhi right now, and I am reluctant to take baby outside much. A couple of fellow parents have fallen ill to same. We will go and see them for dinner tonight and I am excited to go out.
We are waiting. Each day we accomplish a different task. We have obtained a birth certificate with the help of Poonam, have submitted DNA results and citizenship forms to our consulate (we are Canadian) To be honest, the consulate has not been overly helpful. We have submitted all our paperwork in before the Dwalli holiday. Poonam prepared this for us; my advice to you would be to double check everything.
Oh yes and the other thing I forgot to mention, and pack… my birth certificates. LOL , so make sure you review what documents you need before you leave and save yourself a major headache and friend’s having to dig though your documents in a big panic. This ended up costing us an additional couple of days.
Ok back to baby update… she is cute, she doesn’t cry much. My husband is working with his clients via computer and internet so he is up at night (and doing the night shift) and I am up in the daytime with her) besides the bad TV all is well.
I have not mastered cooking on the 2 burner gas stove though. The McDonalds does do delivery. We ordered some take-away and I have been sick already so be careful and remember to bring some antibiotics with you just in case.

Our fellow SCI friends, it's nice to go out while you are there, if you know some other parents  :) 

and of course my beauty .... Sleeping peacefully through all the honking horns and noise. Now the vacuum doesn't bother her one bit  


  1. I thought you were home already? Are you still in Delhi? That makes nearly 2 months.

  2. How come the exit process for Canadians is getting this long?

  3. Hi there Lynn! Just catching up with my blogs, and I loved our pictures in Delhi! Wow, it feels like so long ago. Anyway Happy New Year and hope you had a great holiday season. xoxo